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Book Editions

The books are unofficial documents containing a fans eye view of the history of the band looking at the contributions of the musicians as a collective. They also contain a compendium of memorabilia, photographs and a worldwide discography.


The history covers the pre-Tull days of Ian Anderson, Jeffrey Hammond, John Evans, Barrie Barlow and Glenn Cornick’s involvement in those early line ups in Blackpool of ‘The Blades’ and the 'John Evans Band' through Mick Abrahams and Clive Bunker’s time in and around Luton in ‘McGregor's Engine’; as well as chronicling Martin Barre’s progression through various bands and musical styles in ‘The Noblemen’, ‘The Motivation’, ‘The Penny Peeps’ and ‘Gethsemane’ before fate, chance, luck and talent brought them together in the eventual guise of ‘Jethro Tull’.


The book will be released in three editions, each containing two volumes. The standard edition will be available in hardback and paperback. They are now available for pre-order here.

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Volume One - ‘Spin me back down the years’ - a history of the band as recounted by Pat Kent with contributions from Charlie Kenney, Erin Ward and other fans who detail some of their recollections. Lengthy interviews with Martin Barre and Dee Palmer and further input from Peter John Vetesse, Don Airey, Eddie Jobson, Andy Giddings, Clive Bunker and more.

0778 Pat Kent – Spin Me Back Down the Ye
0778 Pat Kent – Spin Me Back Down the Ye
0778 Pat Kent – Spin Me Back Down the Ye
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tbsm cover.png

Volume Two - Volume Two - ‘The Boy Scout Manual’ - will contain, additional images of rare memorabilia, photographs, many previously unseen, selected from our own collections, as well as from renowned photographers across the years, including, Carl Dunn, Joe Astromowicz, Tom Holsclaw, Chris Fenger and Martin Webb. This volume will also incorporate biographies of some of the key members, and an insight into the post-Tull art work of Jeffrey Hammond along with a comprehensive look at the worldwide singles collection of Charlie Kenney along with other discographies and listings of filmed performances.

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​​​The Deluxe Edition

As above but it will come in a presentation box housing two 12”x12” volumes along with reproduction handbill, poster, passes and photographic memorabilia.


The edition will also contain a vinyl pressing of an acetate belonging to Clive Bunker of a 1968 recording featuring ‘Clive Bunker & Friends’. 

0778 Pat Kent – Spin Me Back Down The Ye


The editions are available through Gonzo Multimedia via the online Music Glue website now. MusicGlue have advised that the publication date has slipped to May 31st 2022 due to a technical issue.

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