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As a life long Jethro Tull fan I was approached to consider writing a book about the band at a press conference for the dance group Pan’s People in 2014. The publisher at the time was looking for a book of around 200 pages. It didn’t take long to realise that would not be sufficient to tell the story of a band that was soon to span 50 productive years playing around the world and selling well in excess of 60 million records.

The book has been a labour of love for the three of us myself, Charlie Kenney and Erin Ward, dedicated to a band that has provided the soundtrack to our lives. 

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The Jethro Tull Group


Together we created an online presence known as ‘The Jethro Tull Group’, currently with around 10,000 members on FaceBook and other social media platforms. 


We also set about putting our collections of recorded works, videos and assorted memorabilia together under the group’s associated free online resource at ‘The Boy Scout Manual’.

( and via YouTube.


Subsequently we were approached by Warner Brothers/Parlophone to contribute material to the Steven Wilson Anniversary release editions, something we are proud to continue working on.


‘The Jethro Tull Group’ are an independent fan operated group.

Pat Kent

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